Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Coming in Spring 2018!

Hi, everyone! I've deliberately delayed writing this post while waiting on details for my next project. At last--news! My latest book as Kacy Barnett-Gramckow, The Blessing, will be available this spring!!!

The Blessing is a departure from my Biblical fiction--it's set in 1890's New York and Colorado. However, it was inspired by a few snippets of my own family's lore, and ... might serve as a quiet meditation on the Book of Job. Quiet? Well, not entirely quiet. It is inspired by my own family's lore, after all. (More on that part later.) Rifles, gamblers, runaways, food, and quite a few wrenching scenes are involved.

Here's the back cover copy:

May Somerville has suffered a year worthy of the Bible’s Job, and the man who unknowingly prompted all her troubles has fallen in love with her. 

Isolated in Colorado’s rugged mountains, her beloved family shattered by tragedy and loss, May Somerville questions her Creator amid her struggles to survive. Beset by unexpected storms, both physical and spiritual, May seeks blessings—reasons for hope as she works to restore her family. 

Separated from May by unforeseen circumstances and the expectations of others, Alex Whittier is determined to reverse injustices suffered by the Somervilles. But is it too late to redeem himself for the sake of the courageous young woman he’s been unable to forget? 

Published in connection with Hartline Literary Agency, serving the Christian book community. Visit us at

Monday, January 08, 2018

Realm of Thorns: Work in Progress

Happy New Year!

I spent most of my 2017 writing and re-writing book one of the Legends of the Forsaken Empire series. While I wrote it, I realized there was another story to tell: A novella-sized overview of the era when the last alliances in the ancient Syvlande Empire were broken, and the Empire was abandoned amid the rise of a new faith.

Realm of Thorns will be a standalone story, complete, yet a bridge between its ancient history and its new era. Think of it as a lead-in to the New Testament age of our own world.

For fans of the Infinite series, this series won't be part of the Infinite series. However, the Infinite series *might* be understood as the ancient history of the Forsaken Empire series.

Just sayin'!

Stay warm and well throughout the winter's chill, dear everyone.

Hope your 2018 is blessed thus far!
What do you think of this mock-up cover?

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Map-making Quandaries

It's easier to dream about creating maps than it is to actually build them--so many options!

I've recently learned that I can create maps using GIMP shareware, so I've been dabbling with possibilities here:
Love the clear colors and outlines!

A basic parchment-hued landmass surrounded by aquamarine seas. I love this color mix and the way the program defined the continent's edges. But I'd have to draw my own mountains, roads, boundaries, rivers, and landmarks.

I also reloaded my old CC3 software and upgraded it for a modest fee. and by the end of the day, had only this to show. 
Less is More ...

I'm returning to the drawing boards tomorrow--watch for revisions! Aaaand ... back to the beginning! :)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Unexpected Inspiration

Recently, my dear husband and I finally took a belated anniversary trip--only two years late--up into Colorado's mountains.

From my seat in the train
We planned to ride in a wonderfully restored 1890s coal-burning, narrow-gauge locomotive and check out the beautiful southern-Colorado landscapes, while I did some fact-checking on my 1890s manuscript, The Blessing. But plans often go astray, so why should our mini-vacation plans go smoothly?

We arrived at our hotel and checked in, only to realize that our train reservations weren't for the next morning, but two mornings away. We're on a budget, so we debated. Should we return home and drive up again tomorrow? Or should we toss aside our budget for once and spend an extra night in the mountains?

Of course, we were sensible. We booked an extra night in the mountains at an eclectic, creaky old hotel (an adventure all by itself) then took a deep breath of mountain air and made uncharacteristically light-headed plans.

Fresh deer tracks
We headed for the nearest scenic destination: Colorado's famous Sand Dunes. Real dunes, with altitude. And my idea, because there are no beaches in land-locked Colorado, and I NEED occasional doses of water running over sand. This day's therapeutic dose of water-and-sand goodness came with a few Colorado touches.

(Ignore my previously broken toes and check out those fresh deer tracks--woo-hoo!)

As well as inspiration for new writing adventures.

Below flood level. For now.

Within yards of the deer's hoof-prints, I found a rushing mountain-dune stream that carried my imagination straight into future books! A hunting blind ... for hungry travelers. A river escape for fugitives in a wilderness.

So many possibilities ....

Time to write!

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Brewing Up New Ideas

Calming? Not exactly.

NOTE: Don't be deceived by the tranquil pink tea in my cup. It's Angel Falls Mist tea, which inspired the revered tisane Serena brewed just before her epic clash with *unnamed villain* in Queen

[Post Begins]
This evening, I completed the first draft of book one in The Forsaken Empire series. Finally! Celebrate with me!

It's been an unexpectedly tough write--one of my longest ever--and I'm counting on considerable trimming and polishing during my second draft. The manuscript currently measures a hefty 133,358 words. Yes, it's a new personal record that deserves to be shaved down to a manageable size.But I'm pausing for tea and a day off.

To allow ideas to brew.

Not only do I need to think through the cuts and revisions I've been pondering, but I need to consider a possible prequel novella that sneaked into my dreams just before I woke up two days ago.

Do I seriously want to take on a novella in the midst of a new series? Would you?
Hence the tea and a day off.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Forsaken Empire Origins

Recently, I was searching for copies of my original files for The Genesis Trilogy (see previous posts) when I came across copies of my first book, my apprenticeship book, laboriously stored on 3.5-inch "floppy" disks. Who remembers those compact floppies and the original floppies? Ancient history, right?

Deservedly so.
Forsaken Empire Origins

Four 3.5 compact disks held my single precious manuscript in backup, just in case our PC crashed and offered only the heart-stopping blue screen of writing death. Actually, I might be guilty of using as many as 12 disks to back up my massive tome. Excessive? Perhaps. However, because my research involved reading more than 300 books I'd either purchased or borrowed from the regional library when the fledgling worldwideweb couldn't provide answers to my authorly questions concerning all things medieval, the prospect of losing my work induced nightmares.

Nowadays, my nightmares involve storing info in The Cloud (aren't thunderstorms possible?) as well as emails and random thumb drives--all more convenient than my vintage 3.5 compact disks. Even so, these 3.5 inch babies make me smile. After all, they hold the framework for my current Forsaken Empire series. Thankfully, I've managed to protect my PC's files for more than two decades, because .... I no longer have a computer capable of reading these shiny little disks.

Does anyone still use these?

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Genesis Trilogy Ebooks now available!

At last! The Genesis Trilogy is updated, re-edited, and officially re-released under new covers! I feel as if I've welcomed kids home after they've taken a long journey--and what a journey it's been. 

The Genesis Flood

The Heavens Before, He Who Lifts the Skies, and A Crown in the Stars have been translated and published in Dutch, Thai, Ukrainian and Romanian, as well as large-print, far exceeding my hope and prayers. 
Nimrod (Nimr-Rada)

Currently, the new covers are available only in ebook format, but I'm working on paperback versions and hope to release audio versions within a year--as time/tech issues/budget allows. The ebooks are available through Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Amazon, Scribd, and other sellers.

The Tower of Babel
It was a joy and a privilege to have Moody Publishers sign on for these books fifteen years ago, and it's a delight to re-introduce the second editions now. 

Thank you, dear readers for loving and recommending the trilogy to others. 

I'm blessed to share this amazing publishing journey with you. 

Kacy (and R. J.)